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According to Gen Z, These Emojis Make You Look Old

Emojis have become a part of most of our daily lives and have transformed how we communicate. But careful what emojis you use, because they may make you look old.

This is all according to a new survey, which determined the answer is yes they can make you look old -- especially if you're stuck on using that big thumbs-up image.


According to the Gen Zers surveyed, that emoji is seen as "aggressive" and "offensive," and immediately marks you as old and out of touch. Redditors also call it "lazy" and "confusing" as a stand-alone response to a text.

That's not the only common emoji to get a thumbs-down from younger respondents.

Brace yourself, the bottom 10 also includes:









Well call me Boomer... (insert facepalm emoji here lol)

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